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Art Supplies, Charcoal Drawing: White Plastic Eraser

-The “bulldozer” of erasers that can tackle almost any drawing media.

-Very sturdy and strong.

-Great for the blocking in bold shapes in the beginning of a drawing.

-Does not need to be cleaned, no matter how dirty it looks.

-Requires lots of pressure to be effective.

-Not good for doing subtle adjustments in a drawing. (a kneaded eraser is good for that)

Art Supplies: White Plastic Eraser

Video Transcript

“A white plastic eraser is a very strong, stiff eraser that’s great for removing highlights. It’s like a bulldozer that will just blast right through the charcoal. The white plastic eraser has a very blunt shape so it’s best in the beginning parts of the drawing, when you’re trying to block in a very large area of highlight. It’s not very good for doing subtle adjustments. You’ll want to use a kneaded eraser for that.

You have to be really physically aggressive with the white plastic eraser and, you have to press really hard. A lot of people do this with their eraser and, they think that their eraser doesn’t work, but actually you just have to put serious muscle behind that eraser to get any kind of result. If you’re drawing board isn’t shaking, you’re not doing it right.

Even though your white plastic eraser is going to get really dirty, sometimes it’ll turn totally black, there’s no need to clean it. As long as you press down hard enough with the eraser, it’ll work just fine.”

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2 responses on "White Plastic Eraser"

  1. I could not art without a large white plastic eraser. I don’t think that I’ve ever fully finished one because I keep losing them and buying new ones. They’re not super expensive and an actual must. Very definitely a bulldozer and that’s sometimes just what I need.

  2. The white plastic eraser is like the muscle of all erasers. I don’t generally use it as a mark making tool, but it works the best for erasing pencil lines after inking a drawing, and is a life saver for me during gallery installs and deinstalls when I have to erase the lines on the walls that I make to measure and hang work.

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