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Art Supplies, Charcoal Drawing: White Plastic Eraser

-The “bulldozer” of erasers that can tackle almost any drawing media.

-Very sturdy and strong.

-Great for the blocking in bold shapes in the beginning of a drawing.

-Does not need to be cleaned, no matter how dirty it looks.

-Requires lots of pressure to be effective.

-Not good for doing subtle adjustments in a drawing. (a kneaded eraser is good for that)

Art Supplies: White Plastic Eraser

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2 responses on "White Plastic Eraser"

  1. Profile photo of Ro

    I could not art without a large white plastic eraser. I don’t think that I’ve ever fully finished one because I keep losing them and buying new ones. They’re not super expensive and an actual must. Very definitely a bulldozer and that’s sometimes just what I need.

  2. Profile photo of Lauryn Welch

    The white plastic eraser is like the muscle of all erasers. I don’t generally use it as a mark making tool, but it works the best for erasing pencil lines after inking a drawing, and is a life saver for me during gallery installs and deinstalls when I have to erase the lines on the walls that I make to measure and hang work.

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