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Art Teachers, Art Dare Submission Form

Congratulations, we would love to feature your class’ submission on the corresponding Art Dare page!
The class that wins the art teacher’s prize wins a class pack of art supplies from Faber-Castell.


1.  Create a folder in Google Drive and name it with your first and last name.

2. Upload JPG files of your students' projects into that folder. For each 2D artwork, submit only 1 JPG file.  For 3D artworks, you may submit 1-2 JPG files per artwork.

3. Rename each JPG file like this: “001.jpg.” , “010.jpg”, “020.jpg.”  This way, images are easily referenced.

4. Open each JPG, click on the 3 dot icon in the upper right, and select “Details.” In the new window, scroll down to the “Description” section. In this section, add the title, media and size of the artwork.  Example: “Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, 18″ x 24.” Titles are optional.

5. In Google Drive, right click on your folder, and select “Get Shareable Link.”  Copy the link.

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