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Free Instagram/Website Critique Submission Form

Submit to have us review your artist website or social media on the Art Prof YouTube channel with us!

Whether you’re working independently as an artist, enrolled in a degree program, or thinking about art school, an artist website or Instagram critique is a great way to get fresh opinions on your online presence as an artist. You’ll get advice that is customized to your specific needs and questions!

We love it when the artist can join us live in the chat during the critique, but it’s not required.  If you are selected and can’t watch your critique live, the stream will be on our YouTube channel afterwards. We review submissions on first come, first serve basis.

In the live stream, we will review your artist website and or your artist instagram. This stream is not a portfolio critique, if you want to submit for a free portfolio critique, please submit here. You can also purchase a portfolio critique here. 

Perhaps you are considering going back to school after having a career for many years in a different professional field and are trying to establish your online presence. You might be trying to decide between whether to focus your website more on illustration or fine art.  Maybe you want to sell your art online and need to promote it to a specific audience!

There is no fee to participate!

Preparing your submission

Please read through this entire form first before you start preparing your materials. When you are ready to submit the form, have your required information ready. We recommend writing your statement elsewhere first so that you have a copy of it in case anything happens as you are filling out the form.

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis.

We also offer portfolio critiques for a purchase, artist calls, and have a free Complete Art School Portfolios Guide.

Questions?  Please contact us.

Writing your statement

Your statement is enormously helpful to us when learning about your background, experience and topics you're interesting in discussing with us. We do consider the amount of effort and thought an artist invests into writing their statement when we review submissions.  If you copy and paste your biography from your website instead of answering the questions below, write a very short statement that is only about 2 sentences, or if you type curt answers to our questions below, your submission is much less likely to be accepted.

We recommend writing your statement elsewhere first so that you have a copy of it saved in case anything happens while you are filling out this form.

Please answer these questions in your artist statement. 

1. What is your background as an artist?

2. Explain what art media you have worked with.

3. What themes and subjects have you explored in your artwork?

4. What topics would you like to discuss with us during the stream? (Examples: should I go back to art school?  Should I pursue fine art or illustration? How can I market my artwork more effectively?)

5. What are your long term goals as an artist?

6. Anything else you'd like us to know about you or your artwork.

Please format your statement as a narrative statement that is written in first person.  If you type short answers to our questions into the text area without formatting it as a narrative statement, your submission will not be accepted. 

Questions?  Contact us.

By submitting this form, you are granting us permission to show the content you submit during the live stream on our YouTube channel and potentially here on

Please use the checkbox below to indicate that you have read our Terms and Conditions.

Before clicking "submit," please read below on how to confirm that your submission form was received.

Submission form confirmation
After you click “submit,” this page will refresh. Scroll down the page after it has refreshed, and look for the green bar that says “your post was successfully submitted!” that will appear below the video at the top of the page.  See the image below for what that green bar will look like, the red arrow points at the green bar in this image.

Email Notification
You will receive an email from us to confirm receipt of your materials. Please be patient as we receive many submissions every day from the many programs we run, and we cannot respond as quickly as we would like to. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, you can email Prof Lieu.

Submission Form Confirmation

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