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Live Critiques on YouTube

January 16, 2019

We’ve experimented over the past few years with many different formats for critiques. Some of the critiques can be really time consuming to produce, like the Crit Chats, Portfolio Critiques, and Crit Trios.  These critiques involved multiple cameras, still images, information on the artist, all of which needed to be woven together into a coherent narrative. We wanted to balance out these longer, more complex critique videos with short critique videos that would let us critique more pieces and that could be produced relatively quickly.

Art Critique: Self-Portrait Oil Paintings

Our initial format was the 1 minute Crit Quickie, but even those started to get backed up in our production schedule. Although the Crit Quickies were short, they still required a basic lvel of production quality that we couldn’t skip.  On top of that, the Crit Quickies were actually the least popular of the videos on our YouTube channel, so it seemed like we needed to revisit that format and come up with something else.

Art Critique: Mixed Media Pyrography & Acrylic Paint

We were surprised that the short Crit Quickies weren’t working for us; there’s been so much information about how short everyone’s attention span is nowadays, and how 5 minute videos tend to be the ideal length for a YouTube video. Actually, our most popular videos are our 30 minute portfolio critiques, which made me think that we have a unique and dedicated audience!

Over the holidays, I had time to step back and re-evaluate our content. When I did, I realized that our audience on YouTube was a lot bigger and growing at a much more rapid pace than on Instagram.  From the comments on our YouTube channel, it seemed clear that our audience there is much more invested in our video content compared to our audience on our Instagram.  That’s when we decided to move our live streams to our YouTube channel, and to convert them from live streams of us working in the studio into live critiques.

Live Art Critique & Art History: Acrylic Painting Cityscape & Sky

We’ve only been running the live critiques for about 2 weeks, but already there’s an energy and interest in these live critiques that we’re really excited about.  We are able to produce new videos with much higher frequency without the hours of labor that are required to produce a high quality video.

Since these are live videos, the expectations people have for the video in terms of production quality are totally different.  Most people are fine that these live critiques are less polished than our other video content, and I don’t think that the rougher format of these videos reflects upon us poorly.  They’re live videos, so they’re in a completely different category altogether. These live critiques seem to satisfy our desire to interact with our audience in a much faster, immediate way.

Submissions are pouring in, submit your work to get critiqued here!


Art Critique: Acrylic Painting & Installation

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