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The Questions that Created Art Prof

January 24, 2019

Back in 2013, when I was writing my “Ask the Art Prof” column, I would get emails almost daily from people of all ages and backgrounds asking me questions. The questions were incredibly broad:

“What is the point of color theory?”
“How do I apply to graduate school for an MFA?”
“How do I price my art?”
“Should I study art abroad?”
“How do I draw with charcoal?”
“Should I drop out of art school?”

The questions I got were usually either big, open ended topics that were difficult to sum up quickly, or were about a specific technique or media that was impossible to explain verbally. At that point, all I could do was promise to write a column about the topic and explain as best as I could. A written column is a format that is hugely limited though when it comes to explaining visual art techniques! When people ask me how I got the idea for Art Prof, it was these questions I got that spurred me into action.

How to Sculpt a Portrait with Air Dry Clay

Six years later, here we are, and obviously we are way past the written columns. Actually, I have noticed that the emails I used to get inquiring about various topics have largely stopped.  I really hope it’s because our resources are doing what I want them to do, reach people who need it.

When I do get those emails asking for help once in a while, it’s such a relief when someone asks me for my charcoal supply list, I can say here it is, with links and images!  What kind of air dry clay do you recommend? Go to Clay House Art and see their clay in action in this tutorial! How did you fold those papers for those lotus books I saw your students make? Watch me demonstrate the folding technique in this tutorial!

Despite the fact that we now have over 30 tutorials, to me we are still barely scraping the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty of times when people say “I need a lesson on linear perspective” and I have to tell them that we haven’t gotten there yet. We will, in good time!

Have a great week!



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