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Celebrating 2 Years at

February 24, 2019

It’s hard to believe that two years ago, we launched The months leading up to the site launch were among the most stressful of my career. (which is saying a lot, considering that my freshman year at art school was a literal boot camp that put me through the wringer.) The site launch was the result of three years of preparation which began as an ambiguous thought as seen in this blog post.

Behind the Scenes at

Compared to what we have on the site today, had very little content when it launched. At the time, we had only one video tutorial available, a still life drawing course that feels like a prehistoric dinosaur compared to the tutorials we are producing today. Stylistically, so much has changed in our video tutorials:  we transitioned to two person tutorials, (and sometimes three person) as well as international travel tutorials to China and Taiwan which we would have never anticipated.

Urban Sketching in China with Copic Markers & Brush Pens

We now have other 30 video tutorials, and a total of 373 pages on the site! We have no intention of slowing down either, our live critiques on our YouTube channel are going strong, and a long queue of video tutorials are either in the can, or are being planned as I speak.

In other ways we haven’t changed much. We are still shooting out of what used to be my kids’ playroom in my house, and we are still on a shoe string budget that barely covers our most essential costs. Looking forward to our future, thank you all for creating this lovely community of artists.  We wouldn’t be here today without you!


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