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Live Critiques and Art History

March 1, 2019

I’m really excited that we have finally found a way to beef up the art history content on our site through our live art critiques on our YouTube channel.  Art history is fundamentally woven into studying studio art, and up until this point, it’s been challenging to figure out how to find a place for art history on Art Prof. We link to many artists throughout the entire site, especially artists who are related to the video tutorial or the critique we are doing, but that was purely about referring people to other sources. I wanted a way that our experience and view on art history as studio artists could be portrayed on Art Prof in a more substantial way.

Live Art Critique & Art History: Oil Pastel Portrait Drawing & Watercolor Portrait Painting

Which is why being able to discuss specific artists, art movements, and artworks within the context of one of our live critiques has been the perfect solution.  The artists we mention in our live critiques all relate to the artwork being critiqued, whether it’s through the same media, a similar subject, or some other aspect.  I also find that when I have an art history example that I can reference, it makes for a much more concrete way to illustrate a point I’m trying to get across.

Live Art Critique & Art History: Screenprint & Drypoint Print

The other great aspect of implementing art history into our live critiques is that every staff artist here at Art Prof has very different knowledge of art history, depending on their expertise in their studio practice. Casey has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of film, while Lauryn is always coming up with names of contemporary artists I’ve never heard of!

I do think that a studio artist has a completely different point of view on art history than say an art historian, whose perspective is much more academic.  As a studio artist, I can talk about the hands on experience of creating the artwork, the challenges that come with every art media, and about the motivation behind the numerous creative decisions that have to happen with every artist.  Plus I get to talk about artists I love, which is always inspiring and fun.

Thanks to all of you for being on this creative journey with us!


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