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Budget Problems

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October 30, 2019

Someone commented on our YouTube channel that more people would subscribe and/or donate if we produced art tutorials more often as opposed to live critique videos which are produced more often.

Our problem with producing more art tutorials as opposed to live critique videos is that the art tutorials are extremely time consuming to produce, the video shoots are tough to schedule, our staff is all over the US, which means travel costs on top of paying staff and other materials. The post production on these videos is a TON of work between the editing, sound mixing, preparing stills and other content for the video, etc.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to produce them as often as we like. Trust me, if I could have it my way I would produce a tutorial every week! The problem is, without a budget to hire other editors and sound designers to speed up our production process, for now, it’s only me being a 1 woman video production company. That situation is what holds us up in terms of producing tutorials. Create & Critique

Art Prof isn’t the only professional commitment I have, I have a heavy teaching load at RISD, a lecture schedule to maintain, a family to take care of, portfolio critiques I do for a fee, and I do need some time to make sure I don’t go crazy.

ALL of the work I do on Art Prof, editing the videos, organizing shoots, managing the staff, maintaining the website, our social media, our YouTube channel, and other miscellaneous tasks that no one else will do, is unpaid. I have never been paid for a second of my time working on Art Prof, and I’ve been working on Art Prof since 2014; that’s 5 years of unpaid work.

We really just can’t produce more tutorials unless our budget increases. So I’m really sorry, but I guess it’s a Catch-22, I don’t know any other solution in terms of how to fix the situation.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear it. I really want to provide content that will be helpful to everyone, I hope it’s clear that is my intent. (I’m certainly not doing it to make big bucks that’s for sure!) I mean, the only other option I see is to produce art tutorials that at are quick and dirty and of very low production value, which I really really prefer not to do.

All that said, I hope some of you will pledge in our fall raffle, which ends tonight at 11:59 EST! Enter here!

--Prof Lieu

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