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Casey Roonan

Teaching Assistant
Illustrator & Comics Artist

“I am a freelance illustrator and cartoonist living in Connecticut. I work as Contributing Illustrator for the blog Narratively, and design for bands associated with the recording studio and music collective Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, among other clients. I write and edit an anthology-format comic book called Ciambella with Mike Karpiel. I love cartooning because it’s an extremely direct form of storytelling; you don’t need a staff of people to make a comic book, but the immediacy of the medium as a visual language also lends itself extremely well to collaboration.

At an early age I began stapling pages of blank printer paper together into little booklets, in which I started comic stories I never finished. However, by high school, I stopped trying to draw comics seriously because it seemed like an embarrassing thing to do. I kept reading comics, but my art teachers didn’t encourage my interest in creating them.

After taking a comics class my freshman year of art school, I decided to major in Illustration. The creative process can be isolating at times, which is why I began my collaborative comic book Ciambella, which allows me to work with my friends and recapture some of that creative community I valued so much in art school. It’s the same reason I’m so excited to be here on Art Prof.”

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