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Still Life Crayon Drawing, Mick Hart

Mick Hart

Caran D’Ache Crayons
12″ x 9″

AP Solutions

“This is my second attempt at still life based on this course. The major thing I’m learning is to pay attention how objects really appear – where they lay in the plane and in space. (I’m still struggling to get that right)

How to draw a glass – seems to be a dance between white, what’s in the glass, and what’s behind it. Reflections – that is hard. I got close to what I was observing, but they’re still not quite right – the rock faces were highly polished which I did not capture at all.

Overall, it’s difficult to describe exactly what I’m learning without rambling, but I can at least say for me, still life is a beneficial study, and I’m glad I watched the course as it got me motivated to give it a try. As for the crayons, I’m starting to like them.

In this piece, I experimented more with blending using mineral spirits and tried some (not sure of the term) chipping away at multiple layers leaving some ‘chipped’ areas and back filling others – I did this in the photo in the piece. I think I want to try that with a larger piece and see what happens.

Also, when I was blending with a brush, it was kind of like painting; so, I definitely want to explore painting but probably need to explore color more first.”

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