Free Portfolio Critiques

Receive a free pre-recorded critique on your portfolio! Our free portfolio critiques are a great chance to get objective feedback on your artistic concerns.

Perhaps you are considering going back to school after having a career in a different field, or you are applying to a BFA or MFA program. You might be trying to decide between whether to focus your website more on illustration or fine art. Maybe you want to sell your art online and need to know how to promote it to a specific audience.

There is no fee to participate!

Our decision making process is not necessarily based on who has the “best” or most polished portfolio, rather we are looking for portfolios that will provide good teaching moments that people watching our videos can benefit from.

Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Submit Your Portfolio

8-10 artworks

Portfolio Critiques allow us to see the range of an artist’s work and dig deeper into their process and intent.

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