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Portrait Drawings, Jordan McCracken-Foster
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Jordan McCracken-Foster, Concept Artist & Illustrator

Jordan McCracken-Foster
Concept Artist & Illustrator


Using reference from photos (or from life), draw the assigned number of heads, arms + hands, or legs + feet in a specific time frame. 

This project can be formatted differently depending on the time frame you want. For example, if you assign 30 heads in one week, that would be 5-6 drawings per day.  Or you can format by month. 

Core Ideas

Anatomy, Proportion, Repetition, Consistency



1.  Find good references in sources like Muybridge’s The Human Figure in MotionSports Illustrated, Dr. Paul Richer’s Artistic Anatomy, etc. 

Sketch one body part for 5-10 minutes, making each drawing about 2″-3” tall. Set a timer.


Iris Yip

Iris Yip
2018 Intern

I really enjoyed this project since it gave me an opportunity to get in a lot of solid practice. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but there was a noticeable difference in the way I drew in the beginning, and the way I did at the end.

It’s super useful when it comes to overcoming art block, because these individual drawings are so quick and easy by themselves, but they really get you going. However, altogether, it was a lot of work that I definitely underestimated in the beginning. Still, I thought it was especially helpful in terms of self-realization. It seriously highlighted some of my more common quirks and mistakes.

It’s also super interesting, since you start noticing patterns and stylization that recur despite the difference in subject matter. Overall, I thought it was a great activity that gives you gives you the push you need if you’re ever stuck, or feel yourself plateauing.


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