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Animation Transformations

Create an animation of objects that look similar.

Use the supply list in our Stop Motion Animation tutorial.


Transformations Animation, Step 1, Deepti Menon

Pick 20 different objects. Objects should relate to each other visually. Example: 20 leaves, 20 books, 20 circular objects,  20 baseball cards. 20 red objects

Examine your 20 objects and organize them in a sequence, from 1-20. Example: 20 leaves organized by color. 20 books organized from smallest to largest.


Transformations Animation, Step 4, Deepti Menon

Set up your smartphone on your cell phone holder, facing down onto a table or other flat surface.

Open Stop Motion Studio app.

Transformation Animation, Step 5, Deepti Menon

Place object 1 underneath the camera, and center the object in the frame.

Transformation Animation, Step 6, Deepti Menon

Shoot a photo of object 1 by pressing the red capture button.

Transformations Animation, Step 8, Deepti Menon

Replace object 1 with object 2. Keep the placement of the objects consistent.

Shoot a photo of object 2.

Transformations Animation, step 10, Deepti Menon

Continue steps 7 & 8 until you’ve shot all 20 objects.

Play around with frames per second (FPS) to see how the video looks at different speeds. Generally, 12 FPS works well.

Export your movie!


Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee
Project Assistant

Transformations Animation, Ruth Lee

“While it’s a simple project in theory, stop-motion transformations take a lot more technical precision and planning than I realized at first. This makes them a great way to get practice and training in making successful stop motions, because it forces you to focus on the details of execution when there is less complexity in the animated objects themselves and the motion they make.

For example, when working with the books in my room, stringing them together in frames at a faster speed makes any tiny shift in the camera and book positioning EXTREMELY obvious, even if it seemed very subtle or almost nonexistent when the various pictures were taken.

However, if you can get objects that are almost identical and keep perfectly consistent positioning in the camera frame, the visual effect of morphing colors has the same hypnotic “awe” factor of a kaleidoscope–and can be done with almost any object you can come up with.”

Stephanie Gibadlo

Stephanie Gibadlo
Project Assistant

“This project is very different from the art that I usually make! I took one animation class in my artistic career so I am a bit familiar with stop motion, but I could still learn more.

I was very surprised with how user-friendly the app I used to make the animation was for this assignment. I was afraid that there were going to be many complex parts to the app that would get in the way with my animation experience, but I found that the instructions were very clear. I think with an app like this, anyone could get a start in animation.”

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