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Caterpillars in Photoshop

Catherine Huang

Cat Huang
Illustrator & Comics Artist


Amelia Rozear

“The structure in this illustration was based off of a building I took a picture of in Ireland. The structure in real life, located in a place lush with myths of fairies and ghosts, was something I immediately wanted to draw.

I had a lot of fun working on this project, and plan on making more digital illustrations in the future!”

Digital Illustration, Amelia Rozear
Julie Sharpe

Julie Sharpe
Project Assistant

“I think the best part about working in Photoshop was the ability to work in multiple layers – by the end, I had more than 20 layers for different areas of shading and skin tones! Because digital art is a new medium for me, I wanted to make my subject matter very simple.

Throughout this project, I learned a lot about my preferred way of working and was able to gain more experience with Photoshop!”

Digital Illustration, Julie Sharpe
Maya Sternberg

I’ve been doing digital art for about three years now, and I decided to try turning myself into the Dungeons and Dragons character that I’ve been using these past few months.

All in all, it was very refreshing to do another digital piece with a twist on how I use reference. It may not have been the most conventional way to use a photo of myself, but it’s definitely something I’d use in a pinch.”

Digital Illustration, Maya Sternberg

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