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00:25   Advantages of digital painting
01:46   Different reference images
01:58   Ideas & thumbnail sketches
02:58   Starting in Photoshop
03:41   File size
04:50  Sketching with the brush tool
08:50  Shooting reference photos
12:52   Reviewing reference images
15:27   Organizing reference images

19:19    Second sketch
22:31   Searching on Google images
22:50   Blocking in colors
24:25   Cleaning up lines
27:15    Perspective lines
28:42   Adding shadows
32:50   Organizing your layers
34:30   Color adjustments
35:31    Magic wand tool

37:03   Painting from reference photos
40:31   Creating your own story
41:55   Tweaking reference photos
46:45   Details
48:45   Colors
50:03   Blending
50:47   Effects: color burn, overlay
52:41   Sped up painting
54:10   Finishing
56:21   Bloopers

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Catherine Huang

Catherine Huang
Illustrator & Comics Artist


Create a digital illustration of your own story, using reference photos you shoot yourself.

Core Ideas

Color, Layers, Composition, Illustration, Narrative


Tablet, Laptop, Photoshop

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