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Self-Portrait Cartoons


Art Supplies: Strathmore Softcover Sketchbook
Art Supplies: Papermate Flair Felt-Tip Pen


Christina Wu

“This was a very risky project for me as I used to always sketch things out in pencil first before going in with ink, so tossing away the eraser and going straight in with pen made the blank page all the more intimidating.

The first character I drew was very shaky and rigid, but as I continued sketching I found myself going faster with the pen until in the end I wasn’t even trying to formulate a plan, which is amazing because the designs ended up being so much more bizarre than I expected, to the point that I would never look at it and think ‘Oh, that’s me.'”

Character Designs, Christina Wu
Iris Yip

Iris Yip

Character Design, Pen Drawing, Iris Yip

“Drawing in this particular way is something I really want to improve on, since whenever I sketch things as a first draft they tend to get too loose and messy, which in my opinion, doesn’t fit the overall aesthetic of these ink and pen sketches. 

Still, it was really fun just letting the lines dictate what went where. Most of them ended up looking pretty funky, but I still enjoy them nonetheless. It was definitely a very fun project, and I felt a lot more comfortable breaking out of my usual style to try something new.”

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