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Marker Drawing Techniques: Still Life

0:00   Benefits of markers
0:46   Marker types & brands
3:30   Marker care, marker nibs
4:47   Illustration Board, mylar

5:57   Marker Strokes
9:03  Still Life Set up
12:28   Color: Shadows
15:48   Transparent vs. Opaque

17:18   Reference photos
17:52   Conclusion
18:13   Bloopers

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Create a marker drawing of a still life using objects you set up yourself.

Core Ideas

Color, pattern, composition.

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Catherine Huang

Catherine Huang

Guest Teaching Artist

Markers are bright, quick, and permanent, so being able to use this medium for a still life is a completely new experience, and I had a lot of fun. I had always used markers for observational drawings and sketches, but had never used them with the intention of creating a ‘finished piece.’ It was refreshing to use markers in a fine arts context.”

“This tutorial was a really great learning experience for me, because during it, I realized that I have never really considered color in my still life set ups before. Prof Lieu’s advice in color contrast and intensity really helped me make a piece that was far more engaging than if I hadn’t had the advice and just made it on my own.

Armed with a medium I had very little experience in, I felt much more confident and prepared after watching this tutorial.”

Before trying this tutorial, I had no experience with markers- especially not with still life! I was frustrated at first because the marker was not showing up smoothly on the type of paper I was using. In the end, I made 4 different examples, which was so worth it as I was able to change up my paper and experiment with all kind of marker.

For the best result, I used Lauryn’s technique of using the paint markers last because it added extra bold lines to my piece. I am very glad I learned how to work with marker, because it is like a quick painting method with way more control and faster drying time!”

I liked being given a prompt and advice without the pressure of turning in an assignment — I could experiment and take things at my own pace. I have little experience with observational drawing in color so this course was a great way to see the different aspects I’d have to consider when using color, especially when setting up a still life.

What I liked most about working with marker is that it forced me to take liberties with what I see because I can’t work into the detail as tightly as I could with other media. I often struggle with not overworking observational drawings and though I enjoy using color in my doodles I haven’t worked with it observationally, so this still life in marker kind of hit two birds with one stone and was a very enjoyable exploration.”

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