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0:00   Benefits of markers
0:46   Marker types & brands
3:30   Marker care, marker nibs
4:47   Illustration Board, mylar

5:57   Marker Strokes
9:03  Still Life Set up
12:28   Color: Shadows
15:48   Transparent vs. Opaque

17:18   Reference photos
17:52   Conclusion
18:13   Bloopers


Create a marker drawing of a still life using objects you set up yourself.

Core Ideas

Color, pattern, composition.

Recommended course
Visual Journaling



Catherine Huang

Catherine Huang
2017 Summer Intern

Markers are bright, quick, and permanent, so being able to use this medium for a still life is a completely new experience, and I had a lot of fun. I had always used markers for observational drawings and sketches, but had never used them with the intention of creating a ‘finished piece.’ It was refreshing to use markers in a fine arts context.”

Britt Sodersjerna

Britt Sodersjerna
2017 Summer Intern

“This tutorial was a really great learning experience for me, because during it, I realized that I have never really considered color in my still life set ups before. Prof Lieu’s advice in color contrast and intensity really helped me make a piece that was far more engaging than if I hadn’t had the advice and just made it on my own.

Armed with a medium I had very little experience in, I felt much more confident and prepared after watching this tutorial.”

Neve Rechan

Neve Rechan
2017 Intern

Before trying this tutorial, I had no experience with markers- especially not with still life! I was frustrated at first because the marker was not showing up smoothly on the type of paper I was using. In the end, I made 4 different examples, which was so worth it as I was able to change up my paper and experiment with all kind of marker.

For the best result, I used Lauryn’s technique of using the paint markers last because it added extra bold lines to my piece. I am very glad I learned how to work with marker, because it is like a quick painting method with way more control and faster drying time!”

Anna Campbell, Illustrator

Anna Campbell
2017 Summer Intern

I liked being given a prompt and advice without the pressure of turning in an assignment — I could experiment and take things at my own pace. I have little experience with observational drawing in color so this course was a great way to see the different aspects I’d have to consider when using color, especially when setting up a still life.

What I liked most about working with marker is that it forced me to take liberties with what I see because I can’t work into the detail as tightly as I could with other media. I often struggle with not overworking observational drawings and though I enjoy using color in my doodles I haven’t worked with it observationally, so this still life in marker kind of hit two birds with one stone and was a very enjoyable exploration.”


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