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How to Sculpt a Figure with Air Dry Clay

00:10   References for figure sculpture
00:31   Shooting reference photos
01:08   Natural Lighting
01:35   Angles to shoot
02:08   Shooting details of the figure
02:41   Working with artist models
03:18   Wire armatures
03:55   Different types of armature wire
04:39   Height of the sculpture

05:16   Bending the wire
07:17   Making the arm
08:06  Posing the armature
09:35   Attaching the armature
10:59   Air dry clay from Clay House Art
11:44   Lazy Susan
12:03   Blocking the torso
12:37   Covering the armature
13:50   Centerline on the torso
14:27   Sculpting planes

14:43   Preparing students for sculpture
15:13   Anatomy: major masses
16:28   Bony Landmarks
17:20   Important muscles
18:48   Sculpture tools
20:28   Dry time with air dry clay
22:04   Wrapping up the sculpture
23:04   Interpreting the figure
23:58   Finishing the sculpture
25:44   Bloopers


Sculpt a figure using air dry clay.

Core Ideas

Form, gesture, space, skeleton, anatomy

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Art Prof Caution

Utility knives are extremely sharp and it’s really easy to cut yourself by accident!  We recommend wearing a kevlar glove on your hand which is not cutting to prevent injuries.

Armature Wire
Art Supplies: Lazy Susan
Art Supplies: Utility Knife
Art Supplies: 3/4" thick Plywood
Art Supplies: 1/16" thick armature wire
Art Supplies: Fettling Knife
Art Supplies: Wood Sculpture Tool
Art Supplies: Hammer
Art Supplies: Metal Kemper Tool
Art Supplies: Needlenose Pliers
Art Supplies: Plastic Sculpture Tool
Art Supplies: Air Dry Terracotta Clay
Art Supplies: Plastic Bag
Art Supplies: Tape Measure

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