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Marker Drawing & Collage in Guangzhou, China

00:06   Arriving in Guangzhou
00:24   Teaching with ArtOne Inc.
00:42   Eloise: film & video
01:20   Cityscape in Guangzhou
02:02   Collage of the People’s Park
05:00   Grand scale of China
05:44   Guangzhou cuisine
06:58   Chinese hot pot
07:51    Chinese slang

08:54   Drawing with a group
09:29   Brush pens & Copic makers
10:27   Dancing to Mandopop
11:00   Mistranslations
11:28   Chinese “vampires”
11:52   Lauryn: color & pattern
13:42   Kaiping Dialous
15:35   Travel Mishaps
17:23   Casey: Sketchbook practice

19:31   Comic City
21:31   Huangsha fish market
23:09  Prof Lieu: Medicine market
26:36   Alleyways
32:18   Rest stops & malls
34:01   Teaching together
36:28   Going home
36:49   Bloopers

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Core Ideas

Layering, contrast, blending, value, color

ArtOne Inc.

Thank you to ArtOne, Inc. for making our trip to Guangzhou possible!


Brush pens provided by Tombow

Copic logo

Copic markers provided by Imagination International Inc.

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Partial Video Transcript

Prof Lieu: “Art Prof has relocated for this video. We are now on the other side of the planet in Guangzhou, China. We thought that that would be such a great opportunity to get to know Guangzhou as an artist, by traveling around the city, going different sites, drawing in different areas. We’re here because we were invited by the company ArtOne to come and teach some courses in drawing and design and history.”

Lauryn: “ArtOne is a company that helps Chinese students get an art education that prepares them for art schools abroad.”

Eloise: “My day to day work is in film and video, and I love and it’s a very expressive medium and there’s all kinds of things that you can do with it. Im reproducing reality to a certain extent, in terms of the actual form. Like I take a picture of you, or take a video of you, and it’s your face.”

Prof Lieu: “Right, right, it’s not going to change into something else.”

Eloise: “Whereas when I’m working with traditional media, there’s this plasticity to it. And I really try to push myself to be more chaotic, and let go of that control and structure that comes with video and digital media.

I’ve been really fascinated with the cityscape. I feel like one of the many ways that people have described the way China has transformed over the last few years is through the architecture, the way the cities have grown up around these industrial centers.

I’ve just found myself sitting in our hotel room, for instance, looking out the window for all the different times of day and the way to cityscape changes,  thinking about how huge this place is, and how many people live here and the way that the culture or the economy and all these things are reflected in the buildings.”

Eloise: “I think that this piece that I did, the one in the park with the black and the trees and the whiteout really was, I think, the first piece on this trip that I’ve really felt really happy about. Because it was the first time I’ve really been able to cut loose.”

Prof Lieu: “I was surprised watching you work with collage outdoors because the thing wind is something you have to deal with when you work outdoors, and me working with brush pens, is like, it does not matter at all.

And there you are ripping things up, and cutting and slicing and gluing, and I’m just going like oh my god, like how does this work? But for some reason it worked. You seemed to have the system of like, okay, everything behind me is my treasure trove of stuff, and then I bring it here, and then everything falls to the floor, and then I pick it up later.”

Eloise: “You really need the right stop, you can’t just up and do it anywhere. It was great because I had my own park bench.”

Prof Lieu: “A lot of space around you. And then you sat down and started working with your collage materials. I mean you would think you were a street performer.”

Eloise: “It was insane, I was really unprepared for just how many people were coming over. It was very intense.”

Prof Lieu: “It’s not just the collage part, it’s when you start bringing in other media because not only did you go around the city collecting restaurant fliers and museum brochures and things like that. In a sense Guangzhou really is embedded in your collage materials.

But also you started working with gel pens, you pulled put some color pencils and one point. You were talking about how maybe you wanted to put some acrylic paint on top of that, so how do you come up with that decision on what to do next. Because it’s so spontaneous, but it seems like you do have a strategy somewhere.”

Eloise: “I don’t know, it’s really intuitive. It’s just sometimes, I’ve got a white pen that I work with. I started out this piece with basically putting down a dark layer because I was mostly looking at a scene with a lot of shadows, with a  few very strong highlights.

What I was sort of analyzing it and trying to figure out how I was going to go into this. I knew I was going to lay down the dark first, then I wanted to pull out a couple of really sharp bright whites.”

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