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Marker Drawing & Collage in Guangzhou, China

00:06   Arriving in Guangzhou
00:24   Teaching with ArtOne Inc.
00:42   Eloise: film & video
01:20   Cityscape in Guangzhou
02:02   Collage of the People’s Park
05:00   Grand scale of China
05:44   Guangzhou cuisine
06:58   Chinese hot pot
07:51    Chinese slang

08:54   Drawing with a group
09:29   Brush pens & Copic makers
10:27   Dancing to Mandopop
11:00   Mistranslations
11:28   Chinese “vampires”
11:52   Lauryn: color & pattern
13:42   Kaiping Dialous
15:35   Travel Mishaps
17:23   Casey: Sketchbook practice

19:31   Comic City
21:31   Huangsha fish market
23:09  Prof Lieu: Medicine market
26:36   Alleyways
32:18   Rest stops & malls
34:01   Teaching together
36:28   Going home
36:49   Bloopers

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Core Ideas

Layering, contrast, blending, value, color

ArtOne Inc.

Thank you to ArtOne, Inc. for making our trip to Guangzhou possible!


Brush pens provided by Tombow

Copic logo

Copic markers provided by Imagination International Inc.

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