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How to Draw a Character Design with Ink & Photoshop

00:04  What is character design?
00:56  Diversity in people
01:35  Challenges in character design
02:35 Characters & spaces
03:13  Life drawing from nude models

03:32  Searching for silhouettes
03:55  Starting with an original story
04:47  Brainstorming & sketching the boy
08:53  Reference images
11:19   Brainstorming & sketching the girl

12:20  Facial expressions & gesture
15:22  Pencil sketch for the design
16:55  Ink drawing materials & setup
17:16  Inking with a quill pen
18:16  Adding color with Photoshop
23:03  Bloopers

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Catherine Huang

Cat Huang
Illustrator & Comics Artist

Julie Benbasset

Julie Benbassat

Strathmore logo

Materials provided by Strathmore

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Materials provided by Tombow


Design an original character from a story you wrote.

Core Ideas

Color, line, shape, illustration, narrative, character development


Art Supplies: India Ink
Art Supplies: Watercolor Brushes
Art Supplies: Tombow Mono High Quality Drafting Pencil
Art Supplies: Strathmore Bristol Board
Art Supplies: Quill Nib

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