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How to Draw an Imaginary Environment with Ballpoint Pen & Watercolor


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Julie Benbasset

Julie Benbassat

Catherine Huang

Cat Huang
Illustrator & Comics Artist

Winsor & Newton

Materials provided by Winsor & Newton

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Materials provided by Royal Talens
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Create and draw an imaginary environment that is naturalistic.

Core Ideas

Atmospheric perspective, lighting, texture, time of day.


Watercolor paints
Art Supplies: Watercolor Brushes
Art Supplies: Colored Pencils
Art Supplies: Hot Press Watercolor Paper
Art Supplies: Paper Towels
Art Supplies: Tall Plastic Container
Art Supplies: Sketchbook
Art Supplies: Ball Point Pen
Art Supplies: Chalk Pastels
Art Supplies: Toned Pastel Paper

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