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Meandering & Lotus Book Folds: Handmade Artist Books

00:13  Intro to Meandering Folds
00:30  Intro to Meandering Lotus Fold
01:08  Intro to Lotus Fold
02:05  Book covers
02:32  Measurements
03:02  Cutting binder’s board
04:18   Decorative papers
04:42  Archival PVA glue

05:32  Glue brush
06:09  Bone folder
06:27  Cutting the decorative paper
07:15   Gluing the decorative paper
07:59   Lotus Fold Process
09:16   Assembling lotus squares
10:15   Ribbon to tie the book
11:24   Meandering fold: grid

13:41   Linear path: spiral
16:01   Linear path: zig zag
16:33   Linear path: T
17:20   Branching path
19:25   Meandering lotus
19:52   Corner pieces
20:52   Gluing the meandering lotus
22:09   Flexibility in making books
22:51   Bloopers

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Create an artist book using the lotus fold and/or meandering fold.

Core Ideas

Sequence, folding, linear path, branching path

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Art Supplies: Bone Folder
Art Supplies: Cutting Mat
Art Supplies: Utility Knife
Art Supplies: Kevlar Glove
Art Supplies: PVA Glue
Art Supplies: Glue Brush
Art Supplies: Bookbinding Cloth
Art Supplies: Tall Plastic Container
Art Supplies: Binder's Board
Rives BFK Paper
Art Supplies: Decorative Paper
Art Supplies: Ribbon
Art Supplies: Ruler
Art Supplies: Pencil

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