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Ink Drawing Illustrations


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Sofie Levin
Ink Drawing, Sofie Levin

“When it came to shading, I added a lot of detail in the fur and the shadows. I wanted to add texture to the dog’s fur so I added some parallel lines and so forth.

I really wish I practiced and had more experience when it came to line work and shading when I went into the piece as I struggled to add the texture I wanted into the fur and intestines. 

In the future, I hope to overcome my fear in putting too much detail into my art pieces and hope to become more efficient in ink shading. This project I think is a perfect balance of conceptual thinking as well as technical learning if one is new to using ink and pen work.”

Iris Yip

Iris Yip

Ink Illustration, Iris Yip

“Personally, I’ve always felt like there’s a particular intensity that comes with ink media, with how opaque and fine it comes out. Using it portray grotesque and morbid subjects made sense to me, since it’s almost as if there’s a certain elegance to be found in its macabre nature due to the striking contrast of black against white.

Personally, I also found it to be an exercise in control and finesse, as every stroke really had to look deliberate. (Honestly, I relied very heavily on the white gouache to pull me through.)”

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