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Art Supplies: Lithographic Rubbing Ink

• Very intense, greasy, tacky bar of ink.
• Traditionally used for lithography.
• Can be used for drawing.
• Does not erase at all.
• Can be scraped w/ a knife or smeared w/ fingers.

Art Supplies: Lithographic Pencils

• Hardness is #1-#5
• #1 is softest, #5 is hardest
• Can be used for drawing.
• Does not erase at all.
• Great for drawing details

Art Supplies: Linoleum Cutter

• For linoleum block printmaking
Back of the handle opens.
Store blades inside the handle.
• Many widths of blades
• Very sharp, use caution!

Art Supplies: Cotton Rag

• All-purpose supply for everything!
• Used to clean up ink.
Highly absorbent and worth the cost.
• Can be used for a while before being disposed of.
• Rags with oil based ink must be kept in oily waste bin.

Art Supplies: Mounted Linoleum Block

• Linoleum mounted on sturdy block.
• Best surface for linoleum printmaking.
• Will not warp when washed.
• Can be heated with an iron.
• Same height as metal type.
• Costs more than unmounted linoleum, but is totally worth it!

Art Supplies: Unmounted Linoleum Block

• Sheet of linoleum
• Warps when washed with water.
• Can be heated with an iron.
• Cheaper than mounted linoleum.
• If you can afford mounted linoleum, buy that instead!

Art Supplies: Plastic Scraper

• Great for scraping ink onto plexiglass.
• Won’t scratch plexiglass.
• Good for mixing printmaking ink

Art Supplies: Plexiglass

• Sheet of transparent plastic.
• Great surface for inking.
• Washes easily.
• Very durable.
• Inexpensive.

Art Supplies: Akua water based Intaglio Ink

• Excellent alternative to oil based inks.
• Water soluble.
• Not as stiff as oil based inks.
• Great for home studios.
• Stiffer than printmaking ink that comes in a tube.
• Easy clean up with rags and water!

Art Supplies: Small Breyer

• Used to apply ink to the block.
• Clean breyer can be used to rub the back of the paper into the block.
• Great for small blocks.

Art Supplies: Large Breyer

• Used to apply ink to the block.
• Clean breyer can be used to rub the back of the paper into the block.
• Great for large blocks.

Art Supplies: Bench Hook

• Required to keep relief printmaking safe!
• Holds the block in place while you carve.
• Solid and reliable when used correctly.
• Don’t skip this material, it’s critical!!

Art Supplies: Rice Paper

• Huge range of rice papers available.
• Many Japanese rice papers available.
• Wonderful to relief printmaking.
• Absorbent to ink and sensitive to the block.

Art Supplies: T-square

• Necessity when printing an edition of prints!
• Used to measure paper.
Use to tear printmaking paper.

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