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Partial Video Transcript, Julie Benbassat

“So, these are my sketchbooks. They’re used for a variety of things. This is from my daily drawing assignment I did for myself 2 years ago in which I challenged myself to draw something everyday for a year. I called it the ‘teadle’ challenge because it was a combination of tea and doodle, and all the illustrations I did everyday were based on tea, which I love to drink. I am part tea.

It was a lot of fun, I have to say it was really hard though to keep myself motivated to keep trying something every single day. It also helped me a lot with conceptualizing ideas and thinking of themes. If you have one overarching idea but you don’t know how to express it in only one way. I had Starbucks as an empress, an imperial empress, encouraging imperialism because Starbucks is imperialistic but has good tea sometimes.

So, this is my planner sketchbook. I use it for planning or working with paint. I’m someone who frequently uses pen and ink and that’s really good, but sometimes learning how to paint and how to use value in color in a different way, not to define but rather to capture, is a really effective way of just trying to organize the world through your artistic vision.

You can also do some cute lil Pokemons, you don’t have to, I love Pokemon. But, when you start working with nature you kind of learn the rules of how things work.

I also tend to really like working with green, so you’ll see a lot of green sketches here just because it’s my favorite color. You can also do really cute fantasy or planar studies of your breakfast. You know, what you eat may not look good but it will taste good visually to the people looking at your sketchbook.

This is what I call my mess up/shit notebook. I basically just take my notes in here, so I just put in the stuff that’s happening every day. If there’s a boring lecture I can just doodle it all away. it’s just really good to have some loose paper to just express yourself in without worrying about what people think. I also put leaves in this one. I just tend to be happier when I mess up in it, I just think ‘hmm… that’s okay.’

I start my Sketchbook the opposite way and it’s easier to just draw from the opposite side so I don’t have smear marks as I do when I’m in this right handed world. I just go at it with a pen and have some fun. it also allows for great medium diversity so you can work with really really detailed ballpoint pen but then you could also work with very loose brushwork.

I really love nature so I end up taking a lot of notes about trees because they’re amazing. if you mess up on a sketch I recommend putting another picture over the picture and taping it so noone will have to know, well other than you. You can just put stuff in from things you’ve done like this photo, or you can just really funny wacky things you see in the museum.

So, this is a sketchbook I did during the summer. it was a really good relaxing point of letting your mind unboggle all the ideas you wanted to do during the school year but you really couldn’t because it’s the school year. Summer allowed me to just kind of explore ideas with color pencil. Colored pencil is really good because it’s very soft, but it also allows you to do a lot of shading. I think summer is a really good time for you to really explore some weird stuff, and you can also just write weird little notes you take about life.

I took a trip to Venice and I decided to bring my own sketchbook so I could really record my own finding some thoughts about the actual country in just one entity. Here’s one entry and some sketchbooks come with these little pouches but you can honestly make it yourself. It kind of makes it a little bit of a scrapbook without actually having a scrapbook so, yeah, memories.

Sometimes, we go to these really cool art museums so I made little cute sketches of the glass and beads.”

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