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Stop Motion Animation


Clay House Art: Foam Clay
Clay House Art: Cream Clay
Clay House Art: Cookie Clay
Clay House Art: Resin Clay
Clay House Art: Stone Clay
Clay House Art: Wood Clay
Smart Phone

or tablet

Stop Motion Animation: Found Objects

Found objects: coins, toys, etc.

Art Supplies: Colored Construction Paper

12″ x 18″ (or more)

Art Supplies: Cell Phone Holder
Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee
Project Assistant

“In producing this animation, I realized just how easy and fun it is to work with clay. Because it’s such an expressive material, and so easy to manipulate in all different ways, it effortlessly can bring forms to life, and with enough precision, produce fluid movements through stop motion that are hard to capture with other mediums.

I didn’t even plan my story line in the beginning–I just started working the clay and decided to come up with and create things as I go along. The only struggle I encountered in the process was slightly deforming my characters by accident as I moved them around. Because the material is so soft, it’s easy to slowly alter the original shape of a clay object without realizing it after picking it up and moving it around so much.”

This project was very eye opening for me. Coming from a mainly 2D artistic background, dealing with clay and sculpture was sort of intimidating at first, but after messing around with the clay and getting a feel for it, it was actually very fun!

I went through a couple of animation ideas which I wrote down, but I ended up going with one about a little character (Paulie) showing off his personality through a few quirks and movements. Not only did I get to learn how to work with clay a bit more, but I also got to build a character that does not conform to anatomy norms, which was incredibly entertaining for me.

One thing I could do better next time is, again, figuring out how to take consistent photos of each position so that the final project is not choppy.”

Julie Sharpe

Julie Sharpe
Project Assistant

“This piece is about the conclusion of my four years of high school. I’ve picked up habits that are specific to my school, such as using the right bathrooms and knowing which food is edible in the cafeteria.

I chose to convey my message with stop motion animation because I felt that it would allow me to use different materials for textures. I am heavily interested in fibers, and creating an animation allowed me to explore a new way of working. I’m so grateful for Deepti’s tutorial because it was simple and provided me with a good foundation for making this video!”

Cindy Qiao

Cindy Qiao
Project Assistant

“Animation has always been something that has absolutely terrified me. Whether that’s because of how tedious it is or how incredibly detailed it is, I’m not sure. But I have always admired it from afar, always too scared to try it out.

The Stop Motion Animation project was an amazing and fun experience because I have never even done animation. The process was incredibly enlightening and I had so much fun exploring different materials I could use like coins, buttons, and tissue paper.

I loved figuring out a story I could tell and the entire process was just completely different from all of the other art pieces I’ve done before. There are parts where I wish I had better focused the camera or taken my time to capture more frames.

However, overall, I was amazed and surprised to find that animation could be simple. I was scared it was going to take me forever to figure it out, but it didn’t. It’s a super playful medium, especially for storytelling, and I’m definitely going to do it again.”

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