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00:00   Intro
00:33   Arriving in Taiwan
01:35   Kaohsiung Night Market
02:50   Your comfort zone
02:32   Thermal Valley
04:59   Statue at the Zushi Temple
05:28   National Palace Museum Statue
06:04   Jiufen Landscape Drawing
06:45   Choosing your drawing media
07:07   Sketchbooks & Bristol Board
08:31   Tombow Dual Brush Pens
11:08   Grilled Shrimp

12:04   Tombow blending palette
12:37   Taitung street drawing
14:04   Happy accidents in Taitung
15:14   Black brush pens, night drawings
17:32   Drawing in Rome
17:50   Tourists
18:45   Demon drawing at a Temple
19:33   Fruit and tofu vendor
21:02   Drawing from life
22:08   Fried fish vendor
23:53   Quiet street in Taitung
24:56   Drawing of a Kaohsiung street sink

25:55   Work space in Southern Taiwan
28:14   Kaohsiung building drawing
30:09   Drawings of family
30:27   Short & long drawings
31:22   National Palace Museum, Taipei
33:03   A street cleaner’s bike
33:48   Dumpling restaurant in Hsinchu
34:40   A tiny restaurant kitchen
36:02   10 headed Buddha
37:23   Elephant Trail drawing in Taipei
38:07   Drawing of “orangutan” trees
39:37   Traveling is learning

Tombow Brush Pen Sketch, Taiwan
Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

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Draw on site with Tombow brush pens while traveling!

Core Ideas

Layering, contrast, blending, value.

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Materials provided by Tombow


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