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Art School Portfolio Critique: Annabeth Tao

Annabeth Tao
High School Student

Art School Portfolio


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

“I am a high school student from Wuxi, China. I have been a fan of art since I was young, but I barely got chance to receive formal art training before 10th grade. My true affection to art and design developed at a summer pre-college program in the USA, where I learned about tons of materials and ways of exploring collages, drawings, and design. I made up my mind to further my exploration in art, so I decided to apply to art schools.

Some people commented that I put too many graphic design pieces in the portfolio, while others stated that my drawing pieces are weak and need improvement. I am not sure how to manage my portfolio composition so far and was eager to ask for some advice!

Besides that, I am a bold person who tries different media and art forms. However, I sometimes confuse myself since I can create art works, but I cannot seem to satisfy myself. I think my work are too naive, too simple, and too flat.”

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