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Art School Portfolio Critique: Audrey Scharrer

Audrey Scharrer
College Student

Art School Portfolio, Transfer


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

“I’m a highly motivated artist and illustrator looking to improve my work. Currently I’m a college freshman, my first choice art school promises higher intensity, and is home to an incredible illustration program. At this art school, I’m certain I would grow unimaginably.

I want to find any and all weak spots in my work, and root them out. My creative process largely consists of experimental 2D projects. Evoking curiosity through ambient environments and ambiguous figures, I aim for the viewer to fill impressionistic spots with their own vision. The ability to create worlds through figures and environments is deeply moving as an artist and something I plan to do more.

More recently, I’m working into more fantastical variants of these subjects. While I do lots of painting (digital and traditional), my drawing skills act as the foundation for most of my work. I hope to gain insights into how my fundamentals could be improved. I’m wondering whether I have enough variety or too much for someone applying to illustration as well.”

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