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Live Art Critique: Avon Waters

Avon’s critique starts at 24:09 min. in this video.

Avon Waters

soft pastel on rag with homemade ground
12″ x 12″


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement, Untitled

“I am retired and doing art full time after years of fits and starts. After high school art I studied art and photography.

My work flows back and forth between abstract and representational. Most times I’m trying to find ways to take landscape to the edge of abstraction in pastel. My abstract oils are purely an energy and emotional release. In both cases I use music to disconnect from the world and focus on the emotions I have the sound.  My intent here was to just make marks and see what I could find in them. No plan, just reactions until I saw something to form a design.”

Artist Statement, Building Clouds

“The Midwest has been inundated by rain so when puffy clouds instead of storm clouds form, there’s a bit of relief and hope that overcomes us all. These fair weather puffy clouds was a study for me to try and express some relief hope and mastery of the unknown of what is to come.

Yet, there is uncertainty because these can build into thunderheads. I am into layering onto textured grounds many values and hues to create not just the form but air around the forms. My work has taken on a tonalistic quality since creating and controlling the real world is not possible or so it seems. This is more fantasy than reality but it is my world. I’ve done oils for decades but switched to pastel three years ago.”

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Artists & artworks mentioned in the critique

Caspar David Friedrich, Norman Ackroyd, Mark Rothko, Pat Steir, and Nathalie Miebach.

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