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Brigid R. McCann

Found wire and metal, flattened forks, garden gloves, cardboard
10″ x 18″


Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon
Filmmaker & Animator

Artist Statement
I’m 29, studied printmaking, art history, and art education in college. I now teach high school and find much joy in my profession.

Living in an impoverished area of southern Illinois has led to a scrapping hobby of sorts. You see, each day during a walk with my beagle, I collect cans and wire along the way. For years I’ve seen pieces of my favorite artwork in the trash I was collecting and would use it to make collages, often from material found that day. I enjoy the momentary aspect of being reminded of beauty.

This piece is a juxtaposed Botticelli’s Birth of Venus in that it draws on the same characteristics of beauty and womanhood as the painting, but uses discarded waste to modernize womanhood. The pink gardening gloves forming the clam illustrates the ground women have broken; flattened, run-over forks form its edges and reminded me of a decadent feast, as is women’s bodies popularly portrayed; Venus’ exposed breast is a red light, warning heedance and choice.

Wires give her an electric feel, as vibrant red and white form flowing hair that wraps around her elegant frame crafted in black wire. Wilted hydrangea flowers were used to create the cloak the Graces used to cover Venus’ naked body to promote solitude in a woman’s right to her body and perhaps hint the cloak no longer holds such significance in a modern world. 

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Video Transcript

“In looking at your artist statement and the image of your work, I’m so impressed by the amount of thought and symbolism you given to everything that you found and put into this reimagined classic piece that you’ve made. Something I think that would really benefit this is seeing a little bit more of your artist’s hand through the manipulation of these objects.

For example, the gloves you say are a symbolism of how women have broken this ground. I think that the gloves could even break through the cardboard that they’re on to give that a little bit more of an emphasis without needing to read the artist’s statement to know that.

On top of that, you could incorporate these materials you’ve found together a little bit more by collaging them physically together, dying some objects, gluing them together. Experiment in ways that you can combine materials to give them more meaning.

Play around with a little bit more. The space that it incorporates, how it can come together and fall apart and how that can push the story you’re trying to tell. Great work and I would love to see more.”

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