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Live Art Critique: Chinaza Agbor

Chinaza Agbor
You Must Believe in Something,
24″ x 24″
The Comedown,
 18″ x 24″
, 24″ x 24″


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

Chinaza Agbor was born 1998 in Dallas, Texas. She is currently attending the University of North Texas, majoring in Integrative Studies (Biology, Psychology, and History). She discovered her passion in grade school and since then has developed an acute skill in various mediums of painting.

Through her experience, Chinaza has learned about her strengths and weaknesses as an artist. This has focused her work into a consistent and reliable medium with an efficient work flow and wiggle room for creative possibilities.

Chinaza’s art speaks on femininity in a chaotic and vibrant fashion whilst capturing the harsh realities that coincides with being a woman. Her art regularly addresses societies negative perceptions of nudity and opposes these views by using an appreciative tone in regards to nudity. Throughout her work are fluorescent hues, shapes, and forms which speak on the graphic nature of her narratives.

As humans, the first thing that is decoded when looking at another is their face. By consistently covering or omitting the faces of her subjects, Chinaza’s paintings exude an mysteriousness that her audience can relate to. Chinaza’s pieces appeal to the eye’s need to be visually stimulated while expressing higher truths and evoking emotion in her viewers.”

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