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Athena Vincent
Brewing a Bright Idea

light bulbs, paper clay, acrylic, found objects, doll parts, string, & wire
34″ x 19″ x 19″


Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Alex Rowe
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Artist Statement
“This piece was created in my AP art class, it was a spin-off of my usual 2-D distorted portraits. This sculpture represents the process of creating an idea. The top of the table shows the early stages of an idea. The middle, where light bulbs are hanging and falling, explains the process of weeding out the good parts of an idea, and the parts of an idea that fall short.”

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Video Transcript

“This piece is wonderful. It’s very fun, I read it as a kind of representation of the joys of the creative process. Nice little Lewis Carroll like vibe to the whole thing, which I’m totally on board with. Great variation in characters. I love how some of them seem more recognizably human, some of them a little more bizarre.

I like the structure of the two tables, but if the legs were taller, I think it could take the piece further. The viewers could look inside and, then you could accentuate the heads by dramatically lowering or raising the cord. For that matter even broadening the surface they are hanging from and sitting on, frankly, just to let the space become bigger.

And you can include more of the heads because, I think their charm is that I want to see more of them.

I think these characters are so fun and, if you continue this piece I’d love to see what you do with different kinds of bulbs; those eco-friendly bulbs or big outdoor lights. And since they’re light bulbs, I’m curious about what they look like illuminated. Of course if the clay is non-flammable.

But I think this piece is terrific. I think you’ve done an excellent job.”

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5 responses on "Athena Vincent"

  1. One thing I really appreciate about this piece, based on your artist statement, is that you’re using sculpture to build on your drawing practice… Too often as artists we get bogged down specializing in one particular medium, but then miss out on the unique ways in which our 2D and 3D work could inform one another!

    I’d love to see the illustrations that inspired this piece, but I’m also interested if you learned anything from constructing this sculpture that you’ve brought back into your drawings? What if you used this piece as observational reference for future 2-dimensional work? Especially since this piece is so much about creativity, itself, it would be interesting to see the way this kind of multi-layered process could bring out new qualities in your work.

    Your art is so vibrant and so full of personality! Keep it up!

  2. Wow, I love the variety in faces, color, and positioning in all of these! I’m wishing I could see this in person so that I could get a really close look at all of these!

    I would love to see you transform the environment that they’re in, just like you transformed the lightbulbs! I think the environment is another place where this piece would really benefit from that. I would love to see them take up an entire room, and see how you transform every inch of that room to speak to the overall aesthetic, and your artist’s statement. I feel like the tables and teapots could embody some sort of personality, like the lightbulbs do!

    This is a really fun and exciting piece, great work!
    I think by adding your wonderful

  3. What I like about this piece is that it is memorable. I think in this day and age with the proliferation of images accessible through the internet, it’s really an accomplishment to make a lasting impression with your viewer. This piece is so assertively weird, I don’t know if I’ve seen anything quite like it.

    I’m impressed that you’ve freshened up the tired old symbol of an idea as a light bulb. Each lurid face is so distinctive, I feel like this would be an even more effective piece as an installation with many of these bulb faces hanging from the ceiling or rising up out of the floor like stalagmites. You don’t really need the table at all!

    I think you would like Christopher Chiappa’s LIVESTRONG installation, and Mike Kelley’s sculptures!

  4. I am so excited by the quirkiness of this piece, each light bulb really has its own distinctive personality. It’s terrific how daring you are with color and pattern, I think a lot of people might be worried about such garish colors, but for your piece, the color scheme is very appropriate for the characters you’ve created. I’d love to see you alter the table more, I’m not sure what it’s made out of, but it would be so much fun to saw apart that table, reassemble it, and make it much more haphazard. I think the table feels a little too rigid and limited compared to the playfulness of the faces, do it would be great to alter the table more dramatically.

  5. This piece is so intriguing! I love the use of color, it is communicative of a playful and strange mood, I also love that the objects within the sculpture, such as the lightbulb and tea kettle, are recognizable to the viewer, but then become transformed into something new by the artist’s hand, it gives us an entry into your world of characters. Alex’s comment about making this even bigger in scale is a great suggestion, I would love to see what different environments/ sculptures could come out of exploring these characters further. Bravo!

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