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Cam Collins
Boring Dreams

ink pen on watercolor paper
30″ x 22″


Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon
Filmmaker & Animator

Artist Statement
“The concept of Boring Dreams is a narrative portraying a family who lives in a house with austere architecture, only to go to sleep by bedtime stories dealing with the mundane life of the father.

The contrast in terms of content is portrayed by the room in the foreground, and then the stock-exchange looking room that accompanies all types of business men seen through the large bedroom window. If the stories told to the children are boring, and oppose the general lifestyle they live, they could find the story as “whimsical” as we would find their own lifestyle.”

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Video Transcript

“This piece has so much going on and it’s absolutely incredible. You pay so much attention to details and I love the subtle touches of textual information we receive, like in the ends of the rug or the room’s walls.The figures are all so mysterious and I think you’re playing around with exaggerating shape and proportion and their bodies really well.

I’d like to see you even push that even more and kind of exaggerate it even in a greater amount. One area I would love to see you explore more is also lighting. I’m really drawn to the chandelier in the image and wonder what would happen if you focus on that being a primary light source within the scene. I think this could really add a wonderful layer of directing to your piece, pushing an overall feeling, a way an eye begins their journey through your work.

However, the greatest thing about this piece I think is that I can spend so much time with it and yet I find myself constantly discovering something new, which is such a wonderful accomplishment on your end.”

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7 responses on "Cam Collins"

  1. Thanks everyone for the comments! Here are more sources for my artwork, beyond my instagram (where I just show snippets of work).

  2. I really love this piece – its so cool and definitely engaging! I think the critique was nice as well. Perhaps it’s the black and white-ness and how the faces in this piece are made out by shadows rather than fine detail, but I absolutely love it!

  3. This drawing really romances the viewer with all of the specific details and the space and narrative. The whimsy you portray in the chandelier, toys, and knick knacks reminds me of the animated movie Tekkonkinkreet which also deals with childhood perspectives of interacting with the world. I would love to see you expand on this environment you’ve begun to create, perhaps adding on pages that represent different rooms. Content wise, I think of books like Fun Home by Alison Bechdel who uses the architecture and interior design of her childhood house as a metaphor for her dysfunctional family. Playful concept and lovely execution.

  4. I find this piece very pleasing to look at, especially the seated girl character in the front surrounded by the chain of carts. The detailed pen work and thought-out characters definitely convey a surreal atmosphere. Before even reading the caption I was reminded of a dreamscape–the mood of the piece was executed beautifully!

  5. A really fun, compelling drawing… I don’t know if it’s the design of your characters or just the fantasy theme of the piece, but I thought immediately on Winsor McCay’s work, which often deal with the topic of dreams and use space and the composition of the page in really fascinating, narrative ways. You are already using architecture to really cleverly delineate between the mundane and the fantastic, and I would suggest exploring that further in future pieces. I think there’s a lot to mine, there! Look at Piranesi’s “prison” etchings for some extra inspiration.

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