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Cooper Weitz

watercolor on paper
14″ x 11″


Lauryn Welch, Painter & Performance Artist

Lauryn Welch
Painter & Performance Artist

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Video Transcript

“First, I want to congratulate you on creating such a dynamic purple and yellow color composition. I personally have a really hard time with purple, so it’s really cool see someone who can do it right.

Ways that you could go about finishing this image, if you feel like it’s not done, you could create a point of clarity and super detail, because I notice in the piece that it looks like you’re probably using the same brush. There’s the same level of detail across the page, which makes my eye treat it all equally.

Also perhaps, I see this chain on this arm and this key; I could see you expanding upon this world, like creating an architecture out of these chains or, you know creating another piece that (you know) further builds on this one.

It looks like the first part to a series and I’m really excited to see where it goes!”

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2 responses on "Cooper Weitz"

  1. The image really has a sense of gravity: both physical and emotional weight. It’s really nicely done! Keeping those deep darks at the bottom really pulls you in and down, but I think that if you included more contrast and darks into the hand itself then the whole piece would work better. That awesome subtlety of shadows in the bottom, if you took that handling of the watercolor into the hand with shading, this piece would really pop! With both the heavy concept and handling of the paint, this piece really reminds me of Christopher Wynne Nevinson: look up his work, especially “Twentieth Century” — that piece in particular is doing a lot of what you’re working on in this piece! minimal color but a good combination of complementary’s, and a really mysterious and somber environment.

  2. The purple and yellow are working really well as a warm/cool complementary team! I particularly enjoy the area where the you bring the yellow from the background into the fingers. I would love to see this happen even more, perhaps in the bottom half of the piece! Great work!

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