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Live Art Critique: David Fetherson

David Fetherson
Scream (work in progress)

18″ x 16″


Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon
Filmmaker & Animator

Artist Statement

“I’m a junior in high school working on my college portfolio. In this recent piece Scream, I wanted to represent how I was feeling, probably angry and stressed. With my first time using India ink, it was a bit of a challenge getting used to the medium.

With the portrait being intricate, I kept the background simple using geographic map waves as a pattern. These waves added to the chaotic feel of the artwork. Although, the piece is unfinished with the headband to paint and other minor mistakes, I’m satisfied with the look and feel of the work.”

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Ink Wash Portrait Drawing, David Fetherston

Artists & artworks mentioned in the critique

Edvard Munch’s The Scream, Prof Lieu’s Falling series.

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