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E. Colbert

10″ x 7″

United Kingdom

Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon
Filmmaker & Animator

Artist Statement
“I am currently studying Fine Art at University. My work is undergoing an experimental stage as I explore new creative mediums to reflect my own thought processes and beliefs. With an interest in humanity and identity, I am working with mixed media using embroidery, photography, drawing and painting.

In my recent work these faces have been a common theme. Through experimentation in painting, printing and drawing, I have begun to use the sewing machine to create these faces.

I like to work with the sewing machine because there is a sense of urgency as I move the needle quite quickly. I am interested in automatic drawing and mark making. Like automatic drawing using the sewing machine stops myself from thinking and I just create.”

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Video Transcript
“It’s so great to see you working with things that are inspiring to you, and I think that using a sewing machine is such a great idea for, like, these fast and erratic marks that you talk about in your artist statement.

I have to think that you could push the sense of urgency (that you’re making with the sewing machine) even more, and be even, like, more spontaneous with how you’re creating the heads. I’m craving to see some really huge heads [and] some teeny tiny heads … more variation in size.

But not only that, more variation in, like, where they’re placed. I feel like they could be overlapping one another [and] being inside of each other, which I think will come naturally with you just being a little bit more mindless, spontaneous, and erratic with how you use the sewing machine. This could also help in using the entire space of the canvas better and creating, maybe, a more dynamic composition. So, try those things out.

You’re doing really great work, and I hope that you continue exploring with this machine and see how it could help you develop as an artist and develop your work.”

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2 responses on "E. Colbert"

  1. What a cool application for contour line drawing! These faces are so charming — although I do agree with Deepti that they feel a little too similar. Playing with scale would certainly be a great idea, but I would also suggest manipulating the features a bit more, and experimenting that way.

    You could also consider perspective and point-of-view — Why not try some portraits in profile? You could even try “drawing” from observation!

    There’s so much potential here! Keep pushing this sewing-machine automatic drawing into different areas and see what comes out of it.

  2. I’m so into this whole expansion of sewing and embroidery that’s going on in the art world right now. Artists are really stretching the medium to its limits, and there are so many good people to look up if you’re into this.

    Sophia Narrett and Katarina Riesing are a couple of my favorites. The heads you’ve stitched together remind me of styles used in street art and tagging. I could see your work on fabric having a strange but beautiful relationship with this kind of work, taking something so bold and gritty and turning it into something delicate and often seen as feminine. Varying your image and composition is important as Deepti mentions, but as you continue experimenting, it’s also good to think about how your medium speaks to your conceptual interests in humanity and identity.

    How does an image’s identity change from one medium to the next?

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