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Lana Gloschat
Art Teacher, El Haynes High School

Art Class Portfolio Critique

Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Art Prof & Partner

4 responses on "High School Art Class Critique: Lana Gloschat"

  1. The pieces all have a certain boldness to them, and strength. There is a beautiful sense of commitment that I find so compelling. Prof Lieu always says it’s better to go all out on a piece that to not go far enough. I believe that if you continue to push that you will even surprise yourself with what more you can accomplish! I love that once you’ve reached the point of putting every bit of effort possible into a piece there is the opportunity for editing, which is a lovely way to step back from your work and ask, what do I need and what do I not need. A really strong and compelling group! wonderful job!

  2. The first thing that struck me is how focused you all are on discovering and working with value in drawings, and it’s really paying off! The really strong use of darks in some of the portraits really help to create a focal point, and the use of highlighting with the eraser is creating a very believable form! Keeping an eye on those transitional middle grays is such a tricky think, but you all are so close to getting those complex levels. The work you’re making with patterns as well, in the grove of trees and the really colorful abstract image have some nice qualities that would be cool to see incorporated into more of the studio work.
    I really admire the bold nature of concept and execution you all are displaying, nice job!

  3. I love the variety of personality in this class’ body of work. Even though there are quite a few portraits, each one is very differently thought through and executed. I hope you guys have the opportunity to do some collaborative projects sometime, because like Casey, I’m really excited by the clarity of your artistic voices, and you guys could make some beautiful music together.

  4. What an accomplished group! This is such a diverse body of work but in general I’m just impressed by how confident and assured all of these artists are in their own styles and in each media… I’m especially struck by how distinctive each of the portraits are, as that’s something you don’t see much of in high school art portfolios.

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