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Elise Ton
Dog Sketches

5″ x 8″


Lauryn Welch, Painter & Performance Artist

Lauryn Welch
Painter & Performance Artist

Artist Statement
“I’m 16 years old,  I currently attend an art high school in California. I’ve had a passion for painting and drawing ever since I learned how to hold a pencil,  and I’m positive that creating art is what I want to pursue as a career. Since I’m still in the process of learning and practing my art, I don’t know exactly what messages I want to convey, but I hope to keep improving and want to inspire others along the way as well.” 

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Video transcript
“This is such a simple set of drawings but they’re so pleasing to look at. I really feel like you were present in drawing them. The different poses of the dog, I feel like you’ve done them from life, which is really wonderful because artists from Dürer to Rembrandt to Andy Warhol, they all spent time just drawing their pets when they weren’t doing anything else, just doodling, having fun, and I think at your age you could be doing that too.

Finding a subject that you’re really passionate about takes time, takes years to kind of build together, and ultimately what it comes down to is just working from the things that you already like and that you’re already interested in. You don’t need to have,like, a big, thought out thing right now.

Right now I’d say try to develop different levels of shading. You only really have darkness and light right now, and adding different levels of grey is going to give you more volume in your work.”   

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3 responses on "Elise Ton"

  1. Hi Elise! These sketches are so fun. As a dog and cat owner myself, I really get how enjoyable and challenging it is to draw cute animals from life. Your sketches have great weight, proportion, and life to them. Although the shading could be pushed further, you have blocked in the essentials. Well done!

    To challenge yourself further, perhaps you can try drawing this dog in movement. I’m guilty myself of often drawing animals who are resting and sleeping (so convenient!), but you may be surprised the life and motion you can capture from this exercise.

    Awesome stuff!!

  2. Hello! I think that your sketches are lovely! I think that it’s great that you want to inspire others through your art. Also, it’s totally ok to not know what message you want your art to have yet. As you get further in your artistic pursuits you’ll learn about more and more things and how art has been used to speak about different topics and issues; developing a message you want to speak about with your art will come naturally while you keep on doing what you love.
    I agree with what Lauryn and Britt has said so far as well. Something else that you may enjoy would be to experiment with some color for your sketches. You may like colored pencils, since they are similar to how normal, graphite pencils feel and work. Thank you for sharing your work with us!

  3. Great job on these sketches Elise! I get a great sense of weight in them, particularly in the one on the upper left hand corner. Sketching your pets is always a great idea, its really beneficial to understand anatomy, even in creatures other than humans. that being said I really like what you are doing here.

    Like Lauryn said, more shading could be really beneficial, however I think another great idea would be to explore medias other than graphite! as much as I love pencil I find that other mediums, like brush pens or markers or even just your average ballpoint pen can be really great options to explore with while sketching.

    Overall, great work on these, and thank you for sharing with us!

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