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Eugenie Choi

Eugenie Choi

acrylic, wood, electrical equipment
36″ x 55″

Eugenie’s website

Eloise Sherrid, Artist & Filmmaker

Eloise Sherrid
Artist & Filmmaker

Artist Statement

“As a high school student who doesn’t communicate extremely well with verbal words, it’s a relief to speak through art. I enjoy art and conveying emotions, allowing others to either feel similarly to the way I do or create their own meanings based off of them. I’m currently in the process of developing skill through painting and drawing materials (mostly acrylic, oil, and charcoal).

This piece is part of a series about the modern family and underlying issues within family structures. I was interested in pursuing this idea because of the effect these problems can have on any family, including mine. The glazed look of the young man in the work (the brother) is meant to show the dulling effect of technology specifically.

I attempted to show how too much reliance on technology can control someone, hence the cords of the phone chargers being wrapped around his limbs, constraining him. I also glued actual cords and outlets onto the wood to convey familiarity, as well as the message that overexposure to technology is an actual problem that affects many.”

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