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Hannah Schloesser
High School Student

Art School Portfolio


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

“I am 18 and a senior at a high school in Germany, I will be graduating in July of this year. I plan on studying Fine Arts in the U.S. This has truly always been my dream and now I am going to realize it.

I would describe my relationship with art as deeply passionate. I can´t get enough of it and when I get the opportunity to learn a new technique or to try something new I take it all in, like a sponge. It`s not always easy to learn something new, but I have come to experience that it is very worth it -to push through the struggle.

I often get inspired by my environment, by things I read, the music I listen to and also the people I meet. I think an important part of making art is interacting with the environment and to then process the experienced through art. As you can see from my portfolio, I am fascinated with people. I especially love the faces and bodies of people who have been through a lot. I am in love with imperfections; I think they are what make a person interesting. That will show in the painting or the sketch and bring it to life.”

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