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Hyeji Kim

Art School Admissions Portfolio

South Korea

Lauryn Welch, Painter & Performance Artist

Lauryn Welch
Painter & Performance Artist

Artist Statement

“I’ve been drawing and painting at home by myself, and I’m planning to apply for art schools in the US in 2019.

For the last couple of years, I have been spending lots of time drawing self-portraits. And I found myself exploring endlessly changing colors on my skin, and it always made me thrilled. Since then, I have been trying to use as many colors as possible to express the marvelous beauty of the human skin.

While I was participating in the Art Dares, I got to use crayons for the first time. And I liked it a lot because of the unexpected boldness of the colors.

So my very next challenge is to use unfamiliar mediums and possibly all kinds of mediums to depict the colors of human skin. Now, I am very excited to see how my works will be transformed through them.”

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2 responses on "Hyeji Kim"

  1. The aspect of your work that I find most striking is the sense of magical realism you’re working with. I love the play that comes across, and the fun scenes that have me taking a second glance and chuckling at the world you’ve made!

    To push this further, I would really like to see you challenge yourself with color more — for instance, the effective yet subtle colors of your still life would be such a helpful component to the imaginative realism pieces. Right now the bright and vibrant colors in pieces that are bright and vibrant in subject gets to be too much at times. Playing with shadow, and mystery could be a great way to play with where this can go next.

    Take a look at Omar Rayyan, or William Adolphe Bouguereau as examples of how a muted palette can really help push a fantastical element!

  2. I’m really liking the graphic quality of your work! Many of your choices (particularly in your paintings) are very bold and they keep me looking at the painting. Your work seems very reminiscent of Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) that gives bright colors and solid painting skills that evoke story and texture. I also really love the characterization of your figures. They evoke so much character!

    Some things I would like to see you work on more though, is understanding local value. Some of the areas begin to lose depth because there isn’t a strong enough contrast in values. You could also consider using value as a compositional element so that we know exactly what you want us to look at first (for example, you do this very well in the piece of the crayon drawing with the inflated balloon). These would mostly be easy fixes because you can glaze over, draw over, or erase out to create a more dynamic contrast.

    I would also consider building up a stronger foundation in drawing the hands in particular, some areas around the palms are not as convincing as you have on the top side of the hand.

    Great work! Keep it up!!

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