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Live Art Critique: Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson
Mary’s Visitation
20″ x 16″


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

“I’ve loved art since I could hold a crayon, my mom signed me and my siblings up for art camps when we were little, and I’ve done them most summers since then. I’ve taken art classes, and competed in many art competitions, some of which I have won. I am a sophomore in high school.

This was my first oil painting, and I saw it as a challenge due to my previous use of primarily acrylic paints. Because of the fact that I am most interested in drawing and painting the human body, shading with acrylic was hard because of the quick drying time. (Thus why I wanted to try oil paint).

This painting is of Mary, Jesus’ mother, being visited by the angel Gabriel when he told her that she would give birth to Jesus. I wanted to paint it because I haven’t found a painting that depicts Mary’s young age at the time or this specific event. I made this independently, as a personal project. I wanted to communicate the various emotions that Mary must have felt when this happened, from confusion to fear, apprehension, intrigue, and disbelief.

I always aim to evoke emotion and thought out of the viewer, and in this painting I did that through portrayal of emotions, interesting subject matter, and contrast.”

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Mary's Visitation, Oil Painting, Jane Wilson

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