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Live Art Critique: Ken Zheng

Ken Zheng
Lucky Stars

watercolor, colored pencil, tape transfer
15″ x 22″

Ken’s website

Ken’s critique begins at 27:47 min.

Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

I am currently a senior in high school. I like to explore the experiences I had with culture mixing through art. In this piece, I wanted to integrate both American and Chinese culture into one. I remember in my childhood that paper stars were very prominent in Chinese culture. I played with the idea of how the lucky star unfolds into a fortune cookie strip from a fortune cookie.

The fortune cookie strip represents the American influenced representation of the Chinese culture. I also used the colors from the American and Chinese flag to showcase the culture mixing. The five yellow stars represent how the Chinese flag has five yellow stars. Also, instead of having a pure blank white background, I used ink transfers of Chinese characters with tape and newspaper.”

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Mixed Media Drawing, Ken Zheng

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