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Lianna Li
ELAPSE /結緣。完結

Plastic Bottles, Spray paint, Chinese herbal tea, glitter, strings
12.4″ x 3.2″ x 4″, series of 3

Hong Kong

Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Alex Rowe
Teaching Assistant
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Artist Statement
“I’m a student from Hong Kong whose body of work is produced throughout the 2 year long International Baccalaureate course which mainly focuses on ‘Loss: Death and Mundanity.’ Inspired by the experience of witnessing local Hong Kong customs and rituals disappearing in this generation – the demolition of the Sham Shui Po fabric bazaar, the closing down of many businesses that I have been visiting since I was young, and the social protests that argue for retaining places that are significant to collective memory.  I feel particularly resentful about being in this transitional generation.

This influenced me in making ‘ELAPSE /結緣。完結 ,’ to indicate the inevitability of local stores diminishing as development advances. By combining patterns from old Hong Kong steel gates that signify demolition and phrases associated to deportation, the hourglass sculpture, which contains traditional Chinese herbal tea and glitter,  shows the threat these local businesses face, and their inevitable disappearance. I hope that the viewers will resonate with the reminiscence and heartache conveyed through the piece, and that the piece will also reiterate the importance of preserving local specialties ny raising awareness and appreciation.”

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1 responses on "Lianna Li"

  1. Profile photo of Britt Sodersjerna

    This is a really clever way of conveying the point you are trying to make and I think it is really successful! Everything you did in this piece was thoroughly thought out, and really connects to the point you are trying to make. Even down to your materials- the plastic bottles are such a clever way of showing the developmental advances you talked about in your artist statement. Moving forward, I think there is a lot more to this idea that could really be developed in a series.

    Overall, really great work!

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