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London Sketches
Tube Sketches

23″ x 33″

United Kingdom

Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu

Art Prof & Partner

Casey Roonan, Comics Artist & Cartoonist

Casey Roonan

Cartoonist & Comics Artist

Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon

Filmmaker & Animator

Artist Statement
“The drawing is about the changing faces on the Tube one station turning into another, one day into the next month,  into the next year, seeing an endless closeup of people, but never meeting any of them so they are all never brought into focus.

The process is done by sketching people on the tube quickly with pen, and then copying these separate images on top of each other using different colors form cool to warm so the layers are visible, but indistinguishable.”

2 responses on "Group Art Critique: London Sketches"

  1. There is a great commuter energy bursting out of this piece. I’m stuck in the subway a lot and often sketch (if it is not too packed).

    I think you’ve really capture the shifting and shakiness passengers experience in a ride. You can further our understanding of the environment by adding objects specific to a trains interior like poles, handles, seats, etc. Sharing the attention with your figure studies and environment would really push the scene in this and future pieces. It can also help the viewer move away from the center and move the eyes around the entire piece.

    Right now the drawing is leaning towards portrait studies but if you could include the disorderly scene commuting creates like arms, backpacks and purses in your view it would really help and be fun challenge.

  2. I love these! Personally it reminds me of a project a friend of mine did back in my freshman year – they had the problem of the ballpoint pen layers becoming indistinguishable, so your use of colors to distinguish the separate faces is working really well!

    The faces seem to work better as individual portraits, rather than a group of four side by side. I would love to see either these done with separate portraits as a series, or if you want to include multiple people in the scene I would like to see the whole changing figure – and wouldn’t that be exciting! Hand gestures changing, body sizes and positions changing — the only constant would be the setting of the train.

    I think this is a great method of working you have, of keeping your sketches lively and exciting and playing with colors (quite well!) as well as character.

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