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Meredith Healy-Kurz
Art Teacher, Baldwin High School

Art Class Portfolio Critique

Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

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3 responses on "Meredith Healy-Kurz"

  1. Profile photo of Stephanie Gibadlo

    This is a really interesting collection of artworks! There are so many different ideas, techniques, and mediums being explored by everyone, which is impressive. I really love the use of symbolism and abstraction in some of these pieces as well, and the potential stories that go along with each piece.

    One thing that I gathered from these pieces is a strong presence of imagination and confidence, which is fantastic and will really help you in the future with creating. Thank you for sharing your works with us!

  2. Profile photo of Lauryn Welch

    This body of work has been such a pleasant experience to look through! There have been several times with this class when I assume that one medium has been used, but actually it’s a totally different medium, and that’s such a cool realization! I find this happening both with the body art piece which doesn’t even look real, and the cardboard heart drawing that looks like a screen print.

    I see so much variety in composition, content, and medium. These are strong points for this class. I would love to see some bold exploration with color in your group next! I see some great understanding of how neutrals work in the cubist-like drawing of skull and mannequin. I also like the complementary yellow and purple scheme going on in the image with the eyes. It might be worth doing a color mixing exercise where you mix as many different colors as you possibly can, just so you can learn to work beyond the limits of straight up tube colors.

    Thank you for your class submission, there is some really beautiful and expressive work here!

  3. Profile photo of Casey Roonan

    What a great collection of work! I find it really exciting to see a high school class on this level experimenting so much with mixed media, and working on unconventional surfaces – from corrugated cardboard or the artist’s own skin!

    What’s particularly interesting about the latter is the way the graphic style of the ink seems to almost flatten the photographed arm into a 2-dimensional image… At first glance I thought the whole thing was a drawing!

    This class is really thinking outside of the box. Even the more traditional portraits and still-lives in this group have some really creative and compelling elements; whether it’s a bold color choice or a striking composition. A job well done!

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