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Oliver Rauch

Oliver Rauch
Feel the Rhythm

ballpoint pen
5″ x 7″


Eloise Sherrid, Artist & Filmmaker

Eloise Sherrid
Artist & Filmmaker

Artist Statement

I have only been doing art for one year but I am sure art is my calling and I am applying to art schools now. Without this YouTube channel I would have never have grown so much within the past year as an artist.

As of now, I am applying to art schools and I am open to any critique of my artwork. So far, I like to work in pen/ink and watercolor. I love to work from live observation and draw people that I know – i.e. my drumming teacher in this art piece.”

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Ballpoint Pen Drawing, Oliver Rauch

Artists mentioned in the critique

Kathe Kollwitz, Julie Mehretu.

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