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Sarah Kim
In Mother We Trust

oil, acrylic, spray paint, charcoal
24″ X 30″


Casey Roonan, Comics Artist & Cartoonist

Casey Roonan
Cartoonist & Comics Artist

Artist Statement
“I’m a high school student in Alabama. This painting is an ode to women. I used spray paint and acrylic paint to insert the messages surrounding the woman in the middle. This was my first time using spray paint but I have experimented with oil, acrylic, and charcoal before.

I knew I wanted to paint the girl from a photo reference, but I went along with the process as I went further into the work. At times I felt stuck, but as I mixed different colors, I began to feel inspired each time.”

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3 responses on "Sarah Kim"

  1. This is a very stunning piece that shows a lot of strengths concerning composition and color choice. As I look a this it reminds me of vintage movie/propaganda posters from the 1940s-1960s era, which gives it a feeling of urgency and that you’re trying to bring a sense of social awareness to the viewer.

    I also really enjoy the mixed medium you’ve used. One thing that might make this piece stronger, though, is having the figure be more silhouetted by placing a darker background behind her. At a distance the pinks and yellows blend very easily and I think. making her stand out from the background would really make this piece jump out at us.

    Keep it up!

  2. I love how raw and real this piece feels. It’s so emotionally present, and I think your choice of the spray paint as a key medium really helps that come across. It’s a medium that naturally doesn’t let you get too focused on detail and it just has a very contemporary feel. I do wish the piece was larger, only because I want to see more without it becoming crowded. In doing so, playing with stencils like Deepti said, or incorporating texture would be a great way to get this to go further! If you get paper and make a light plaster coating you could get some nice 3-d elements to this piece!

    Beyond that I love the figure, I think she fits in very well despite being a different technique – that’s a tricky thing to do sometimes! Her expression and power is really successful. Nicely done!

  3. This is a great example of when a center composition can really work for a piece! The composition adds to the boldness of the figure’s pose, the color palette, and the typography.

    The spray paint is really intriguing, as it has such a distinct look, but I rarely see it in work other than graffiti. This media always makes me think of stenciling! I see you’ve explored it a little bit, but I wonder if you could push it even further, maybe using it in a way that works with the bold typography you’re exploring. You’re also doing a lot of layering, which I think stencils are also fabulous for!

    I’d encourage you to do some experimentation with this media, as I think you’re really getting at something! Let’s see more!

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