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Signe Flink

Signe Flink
Together in Faith Through the Storm

oil on canvas
18″ x 25″


This video begins with Signe’s critique; Taylor Ackerman’s critique begins at 09:29 min. in this video.

Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Alex Rowe
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Artist Statement

“I’m a woman in my thirties from north of Sweden. I have been painting in different media since I was young. My favorite media is watercolors, but lately I have gone in to mixed media more with watercolor as a base.

My favorite media is watercolor but I would like to be better at oil painting, I have quite tight painting-style and when I painted this I wanted to loosen up a bit. I have started another version of this painting so it would be so interesting for me to get an critic on this for the next one that I am doing.

Many of my artwork is inspired from the Christian faith and this one is not a exception. I wanted to express the feeling of a storm that is so big but the calmness behind it, that it will pass and there will be a new day. Together if faith is inspired from when christian believers can meet a storm in form of persecution and that they stands together in faith to get through that storm.”

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Oil Painting on Canvas, Signe Flink

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