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Trevon Latin
James Baldwin

oil on panel with stretch frame and burlap
14″ x 11″


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu

Art Prof & Partner

Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Alex Rowe

Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon

Animator & Filmmaker

Artist Statement
“I’m a graduate of University of Houston with a BFA in Fine Arts. I’m currently residing and creating work in New York. I’m looking to enroll in a grad school program in the future.

In this piece, I wanted to commemorate me reading James Baldwin’s novel “Go Tell it on the Mountain,” because I felt it was a novel that reflected my spiritual adolescent life , growing up in the Pentecostal south. It’s a powerful progressive piece of literature that connects with my real life. The older head is supposed to be ‘schooling’ the younger head.”

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